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Educational toys & Books  

Educational products and toys
EduCare is a company that is based in Namibia, with the aim of supplying educators and parents with the tools to help children develop the various skills that they need to reach their full learning potential. EduCare educational products are divided into six categories according to the skills that they develop and have little icons that represent each skill.
  Region: Windhoek
  Physical Address:

P.O.Box 21850 / Windhoek
Please arrange an appointment to visit the showroom!

  Cell: 081 255 7923
  Phone/Fax: 061 226 956
  E-mail: educare.namibia@gmail.com
Website: www.educare-namibia.com
Book adventure
  Martial's Mammals of Namibia by Bryony van der Merwe
  (available soon)
Martial’s Mammals takes the reader on a fascinating
discovery of mammals found in Namibia. It focuses 36
different animals, from big to small,
predator to prey.
Includes detailed information on: appearance,
behaviour, threats to the species, breeding, survival
tactics and adaptations.
Species edited by wildlife professionals, and as such,
many myths have been dispelled and latest findings in
research have been included.
  ISBN: 978-99916-816-3-4
  Where to purchase this book: Book Den,
Windhoeker Buchhandlung,
Book Buddy,
Martial Publishing and Swakopmunder Buchhandlung
  Number of pages: 80 pages
  Publisher: Martial Publishing
E-mail: bryony@martialpublishing.com
Website: www.martialpublishing.com


Keepers of Equilibria by Noreen Arangies    
The peaceful forest of Equilibri is protected by a race of beings called Keepers. Consisting of different tribes, their duty is to maintain balance and keep the forest healthy.
One day this balance is shattered by an unexplained incident and the different tribes all stand accused. It takes a brave group to forge unbreakable bonds and stand together in unity

  ISBN: 978-99945-82-03-7
  Where to purchase this book: Wordweaver Publishing House, Gruner Kranz Complex, Windhoek
  Number of pages: 176
  Publisher: Wordweaver Publisher


Pako Kids Magazine    

PAKO has been established in collaboration with Namibia Animal Awareness, the SPCA and Border Collie Rescue Namibia.

Our mission is simple - help children learn about animals and nature - and develop caring and understanding relationships.

Kids can subscribe at many schools. Contact us for more information.

  ISSN: 2026-7657

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Tel: 081 124 1112
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Website: www.pako4kids.com
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