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Leisure Time Activities  

Leisure Time Activities - Windhoek
  Archer's Land  


An exciting outdoor activity for everyone!
We are Namibia’s first 3D-target archery range for traditional bow shooting.

Situated in a beautiful landscape are two separate trails with a variety of 3D targets that you can attempt to hit with your bow and arrow while taking a walk through nature.

  Physical Address: Farm Monte Christo, only 30km from Windhoek
  Phone: +264 (0)81 258 7682
  E-mail: contact@archersland.com
  Website: www.archersland.com
Leisure Time Activities - Swakopmund and Walvis Bay
  Element Riders

* Surfing * Kitesurfing *
We facilitate you to learn surfing in Swakopmund or kitesurfing in Luderitz in guided and assisted ways as required. We present beginner courses and gear rental. Our surf gear shop in Swakopmund offers a in Namibia unique collection of surf gear. A small range of second hand and new surf boards, wetsuits, fins, leahes and many more at fantastic prices. Visit our shop today!

  Region: Swakopmund / Luederitz / Walvis Bay
  Physical Address:

Swakop Street 15,
The Court Yard

  Phone: 081 66 66 599
  E-mail: info@element-riders.com
  Website: www.element-riders.com
  Mola Mola Safaris

For almost two decades Mola Mola has taken thousands of guests up close and personal with not only seals, dolphins, pelicans and whales, but also shared with them the friendly hospitality Namibia is known for. Whether it is a morning on the water with adventure, drinks food and the best Walvis Bay oysters, or perhaps a full Marine Dune day where you will visit the spectacular Sandwich Harbour and drive through the massive sand dunes, Mola Mola is a part of your Namibian adventure not to be missed!

  Region: Walvis Bay
  Physical Address: Atlantic Street, Waterfront
  Phone: 064 205 511
  E-mail: info@mola-namibia.com
  Website: www.mola-namibia.com
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