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> Art supplies and stationery

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Art supplies and stationery  

Art Supplies and Stationery - Windhoek
  Kaleidoscope Creations Namibia
Products range:
Faber Castell: polychromos, soft pastels, oil pastels, pencils, water soluble pencils,charcoal sticks, white chalk sticks, pitt artist pens, hand lettering sets, gelatos etc.
Prime art: brushes, water colour, acrylics, gouache, sketchbooks, water colour paper, canvas, Calligraphy sets etc.
Cretacolour: pastel pencils, charcoal sets, water colour pencil sets, classical pencil sets etc.
Sketchblooks, drawing paper etc: Hahnemühle, Lana Pastel Paper etc.
Lukas: water colour, oil paint, aquarell,
Bantex: office stationery
Viking products: office stationery and much more

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For kids, school kids and adults
(celebrating Kaleidoscope Creations Namibia 10 year anniversary in 2018)

Region: Windhoek
  Physical Address:  
  Phone: 081 148 9898
  E-mail: birgit.kaleido@gmail.com
  Website: www.kaleidonam.com
SandArt is the perfect way for children (and adults) to express their creativity, keeping them occupied and entertained for hours. We provide the sand, the colours and the cards. You provide the time and the smiles. SandArt is a simple concept that brings joy and fun to everyone who uses it. It’s so easy to use. Just select your favourites from over 150+ designs. Peel the stickers off the cards one by one and pour the coloured sand onto the sticky area. Shake off the excess sand, and hey presto!
Region: Windhoek

Physical Address:

Products available from me directly or at:
Sam's Hobbies & Toys
Auas Valley Pharmacy
Maerua Superspar
  Phone: 081 883 8905
  E-mail: nathaly.ahrens@gmail.com
  Website: www.sandart.co.za
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